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Are YOU....

  • Relaunching & Redirecting your career path?
  • Struggling to answer questions during your interviews?
  • Seeking the assistance of a Qualified Career & NeuroLeadership Coach?
  • From a school and/or university career center?
  • Requiring editing & proofreading for career related materials/college essays for language and clarity of content?
  • Returning to the workforce after a career break?
  • Seeking cross-cultural training?

WE offer....

  • Customised Training/Seminars
  • Transition coaching during a global assignment
  • One-on-one Coaching & Training 
  • Personality & Career Assessments
  • Management & NeuroLeadership Workshops 
  • Job Search Consultation for Students & Individuals
  • Career & Job Search Services for Schools & Universities, partnered with Sandbox Advisors,

The essence of coaching for you as an individual is bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.  It's about unlocking your potential for success, fulfilment and happiness in every area of your life.  Coaching identifies the things you'd like to change and focuses you to take fast action in your life to make those changes.

My job as your Coach is to be the person with whom you can change.  We don't just work on your "Work-Life Balance":  We work on you in ALL the roles you play.

In short, my job is to give you a compassionate kickstart to get you going, and to reveal the shortcuts to get you where you want to be more quickly than you would on your own!

Press & Media

Alka is also available for engaging and expert comment on areas related to the following:

  • Work life balance & work life integration
  • Brain-based leadership - NeuroLeadership (how to integrate neuroscience towards effective leadership)
  • Returning to work, career breaks & maternity coaching
  • Women in business
  • Mumpreneurs 
  • Expatriate Relocation 
  • Working mothers' issues
  • Individual/Team/Group Coaching & Counselling
If you are a journalist/media personnel and would like to contact Alka, please email her at for more insight.

Branding, marketing, positioning, visibility, your unique value proposition – these are all critical components of your future success that you can’t afford to leave to chance. We help you create a conscious career path. Alvo ConneXions specializes in career marketing, executive coaching, job search related strategies, re-entering the workforce, resume writing skills, interviewing skills and behavioral profiling. We provide clients with career advice, practical suggestions and support for all aspects of career development, transition and management to build on their core competences.

The increasing diversity of the workforce all over the world moving forward to the next decade, the distinct differences in cultures, languages, social and economic backgrounds and technical skills reinforces the need to re-invent yourself and make your relocation to any part of the world a unique experience. 
Most of our consultations can be done in person or via the telephone/internet.   

Alka Chandiramani, Principal Consultant is a Results Certified Coach (Brain Based Coaching Methodology introduced by David Rock from the Neuroleadership Group) & ICF Accredited Coach, completed an Executive Masters & Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership; Coaching with the Leadership Challenge utilising the Leadership Practices Inventory 360; a MicroExpressions Practitioner;  Certified Professional Résumé Writer; Certified Employment Interview Professional; Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant & Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst, The Institute of Motivational Living, USA; Certified Job & Career Transition Coach and Certified Job & Career Development Coach. Better Questions Licensed Trainer in Singapore (Click for more information)


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