Alka Chandiramani is a multi-lingual and experienced human resources (HR) practitioner with over 25+ years of HR and legal experience.  She provides neuro-leadership, intercultural training and executive career coaching to individuals, hight school and university students in Singapore and around the region. She has also successfully coached  clients in transition during their expatriate assignment. 

In Singapore, she currently provides advisory services to the American Association of Singapore's Career Resource Center for Expatriates (CRCE), with continuous support in their career-related programs. She was the CRCE Manager from 2008-2017, where she delivered career coaching workshops to the US Navy, US Embassy, other Chambers of Commerce and a diverse expatriates population from over 40+ nations. 

She is a consultant & facilitator/trainer with a number of international organizations; career coach with Career Navigators and Mums@work Singapore. Originating from Hong Kong, she speaks fluent Cantonese and worked with multinational companies, legal firms and schools in Hong Kong. 

Received the Master of Arts in Human Resource Management from the Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia; Diploma in Law from The University of Hong Kong in conjunction with the Institute of Legal Executives (U.K.); and Diploma in Education Studies and Child Psychology & Certificate in Learning Disorders Management and Language Development from the Linguistic Council in Singapore.  Accredited Career Coach, Interview Professional and Resume Writer with PARW/CC; Certified Job & Career Transition Coach and Certified Job & Career Development Coach.  She is also an Accredited Behavioural & Career Consultant and Advanced Behavioural Analyst in DISC Assessment.  Results Certified Coach (RCCNeuroLeadership Group) & ICF Accredited Coach. Completed an Executive Masters &  Certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership.  Featured in: 

Towards Your Success!

YOUR Career Development is Valued, it's for this reason that a number of workshops are offered for personal development. We also offer e-coaching for individuals in transition.

We provide a variety of career/job search services for schools, private institutions and universities in Singapore.  We have partnered with Sandbox Advisors based in Singapore, the pioneer of comprehensive Career and HR Advisory. Our workshops are research-based, practical, active and engaging. They are structured to engage the students in the learning process and to ensure internalization of the principles introduced, and to encourage independent learning.  More information on our collaborated workshops:  (Click for more information).

Also Better Questions Licensed Trainer in Singapore (Click for more information).

Hire a Career Coach: Listed on Mums@work Singapore site: (Click for more information).



For customised workshops on Personal/Team/Group/Corporate Development & Training aspects, please contact us for a host of further seminars that are also conducted. 

Corporate and Individual Coaching Focus Areas:

  • Life (Work-life balance, self-fulfilment, set achievable goals)
  • Career (Job seeker, new transitions, resume, interviews, job search strategy)
  • Spiritual (Take control of your life, find your life purpose, self-actualisation)
  • Cross-cultural (Understand the dynamics in communication)
  • Executive/Team/Group/NeuroLeadership
  • Psychometric Behavioural Tools including DISC & Leadership Assessments

The assessments have been scientifically tested. It provides an individual with a report outlining insights and information on specific graphs, including:
  • Work Environment
  • Adapted and Natural Behaviour
  • General Characteristics
  • Key Strengths
  • Tendencies
  • Improving Effectiveness
  • Words That Don’t Work
  • Keys to Adapting Effective Communications