Various Candidates Feedback and Experiences in Singapore from all the World:

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"Thank you Alka, you're an amazing virtual trainer."  May, 2020

"Alka provided invaluable support as she guided me through the necessary steps to attain professional self-awareness, and redirect my career.  She provided great insight into the local business culture and climate, and equipped me with the tools necessary for a successful negotiation.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone in Singapore considering a career shift.  From April 2015, I have a new Director position in the US. This is in a wonderful facility and a fantastic position and I couldn't be happier.  I am continually grateful to you for your guidance over the years and I know that you were a big part of making this possible. " Dr. Meredith Calvert, Head (Bioimaging & Biocomputing), Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory NUS

“Alka is one of a kind. There is no one better in Singapore or the region who truly understands recruiting and the important details required to find and get a job. I have taken two courses at CRCE under Alka's guidance and found both to be 'lifesaver' courses as I re-entered the paid workforce after a long absence. A true professional, Alka is extremely well connected, very knowledgable about the recruiting industry, and has the personality and drive to help others succeed. Approachable to a fault, I have no hesitation in recommending Alka to any organisation where attitude and determination matter most. Alka is an absolute pleasure to know and work with.”  Yvonne McNulty, Ph.D., Founder Expat Research 

It was a very interactive and helpful seminar. Alka, makes everyone feel at ease and gives a platform to express your thought and clarify doubts. It gave me a great insight about my resume. I cant say more but ,Thank you!"... Feedback from Participant, March 2015

“Alka is a great instructor/coach in that she is a keen listener, very attentive and enthusiastic about helping others in finding the right career path.” Patricia Ho Sang

"Dear Alka,
I would like to thank you again for your Resume Writing Workshop. 
It is unbelievable: as soon as I got my resume revised I received calls, had interviews and finally got the job!!! And I didn't even apply to any position!!
So thank you very very much!

"Ms. Alka Chandiramani has given talks to the Senior High School Students at Dunman High School for two consecutive years, together with her team of experienced trainers.  She has maintained high standards of professionalism, seeking to understand the needs of the school and students so as to better the training to suit the profile of the students.  Her dedication to the training is evident by her dropping by the school prior to the event to check out the physical infrastructure and run through her presentation in the designated venues.  She was clear in her delivery, provided pre- and post-working materials for the students.

On top of the mass sessions, Ms. Alka and Mr. Nigel Nolan conducted special coaching sessions for a select group of students.  Even though this additional series of workshop is conducted on a pro-bono basis, the trainers maintained high level of professionalism.  Workshops were well-prepared.  The trainers designed and made effective use of a set of  pre-activity work to give close coaching to individual students.  On site, the trainers interacted well with students who found them warm, approachable and knowledgeable.  Off site, the trainers were quick in responding to students' email queries.  They provided good feedback to students, helping them reflect and work towards improvement."  Subject Head, Economics, Humanities and Arts Academy at Dunman High School

"I attended your workshop on Resume Writing on 30th January, 2013.  I would like to thank you, it was incredibly helpful and you were a great teacher.  I found out that I have a lot of work to do, but I'm excited and I look forward to have a new, captivating, strong resume."  feedback from CRCE Member

"Thank you so much for the treasure trove of information and for what I can count as the single most interesting talk I have been to since my arrival in Singapore.  It was informative, comforting and exciting.  

My husband came home and said that I seemed really energized, which is exactly how I felt and I wanted to thank you for that.  I'm going to work on all of these things and I'm sure I will see you at another event in the near future."  feedback from CRCE Member

"I just wanted to say thank you for your presentation today. You did a fantastic job of addressing the needs of all audience members; soon to retire, spouses seeking local employment and those soon to return to the work force in the US. Thank you for taking the time to research some of the unique issues not typical of your usual audience."  Family Services Office, Navy Region Singapore

 "I had the pleasure of working with Alka to coach our business undergraduates at one-on-one interview clinics.  So far, the students feedback is positive and we intend to continually engage Alka's services when the new semester starts in January 2011."  Executive, Career Services, National University of Singapore, Business School

"As for my search, I am delighted to report that I have finally accepted a position at Citibank in SG and have now been with them for one month.   I am indebted to you for all of your help and support during my search and I need you to know that this would not have been possible without your invaluable expertise and support." Senior Financial Executive, coachee
"I would like to express my wholehearted appreciation for allowing non-AAS member like me to attend one of your strategic workshops (Interviewing Skills).   The new knowledge on the Singapore's society and culture will truly help me to deal better with my colleagues and superiors at work." feedback from CRCE Member
"Thank you so much for all your effort! It is really nice that there are people like you who are willing to help others.  Keep up the good work with your workshops and the CRCE." feedback from CRCE Member

"Thank you so much for the wonderful course today.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned exactly what I needed to know at this point in time.  I have studied books and had consultations on Resume Writing in the past but this was a great refresher course.  It was very detailed with lots of examples and there was nothing left out.  Much appreciated." feedback from CRCE Member
"The one important message that I received from you today was that it is very important to go for what you want and to follow your instincts.  We all have different experiences and are at different stages in our lives but the most important thing is to see yourself clearly and to know exactly where your perfect fit is and then not to settle for anything less.  I am now going to take a new turn and really focus not necessarily on the type of job I want but on the way I want to feel when I am in that position.
Thank you once again.  You have been more helpful than you know." feedback from CRCE Member
"I have indeed been very impressed with the CRCE experience, everything from tailoring our approaches to Singapore practices, informing us of available resources, tuning up our resumes, practicing interviews, to the continuing network that grows naturally from our colleagues in class." feedback from CRCE Member

"Appreciate your time coming out to educate us on Singapore Job Searches, very beneficial not only for Singapore but preparing for a new job anywhere in the world." US Military Personnel, Singapore 

"I wanted to thank you for the inspirational workshop you gave today.  It really motivates me to get started on my job search and to start putting myself out there again after 7 years of taking care of my three children.  I need to get out of my comfort zone as you mentioned and to start building confidence in myself as a professional something I lost completely over the years.  Once again, thank you." feedback from CRCE Member

"Thanks to you for driving such useful workshop, for your energy and your good advices. Honestly all this is much appreciated !" feedback from CRCE Member